Voice-activated content experiences

DJG partners with GetStarted to create voice-activated content experiences for marketing, HR and event leaders

DJG's new partnership breaks ground into voice-activated branded content experiences.

DJG and MCC announce partnership to produce live, virtual and hybrid events

DJG and MCC have partnered to produce live, virtual and hybrid events for brands.The partnership combines deep journalism and marketing expertise with experience in event planning, production and creative design.

The CEO of a Black influencer agency on making statements of allyship right now

Remember, public statements are only one tiny part of action. Real change requires committed work.
DJG’s Digital Content Marketing Services eStore

DJG launches e-Store with a range of self-serve digital content marketing services

DJG's new digital content marketing eStore to provide B2B marketers and sales professionals with a range of services that are typically only available to enterprise organizations running large-scale campaigns.
woman at laptop computer with phone

5 Virtual B2B Marketing Conferences To Attend During Self-Isolation

With social distancing and work-from-home measures firmly in…

Content curation: 5 tips to refresh your marketing mix

Third-party content is an essential element of your content strategy — here’s a quick guide to getting started