DJG’s Digital Content Marketing Services eStore

DJG launches e-Store with a range of self-serve digital content marketing services


Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a new digital content marketing eStore to provide B2B marketers and sales professionals with a range of services that are typically only available to enterprise organizations running large-scale campaigns.

The new Digital Content Marketing Services eStore includes a catalog of services ranging from content production, to audience and competitor analysis, hosted virtual event coverage and content strategy.

Content marketing has evolved considerably over the last five years, but according to a 2019 industry survey, the majority (73%) of B2B organizations still describe their organization’s existing overall content marketing success as moderately or minimally successful. When it comes to budgets and focus, the report cited the following:

  • B2B marketers spend an average of $185,000 on content marketing services each year.
  • 38% are moving their budget from paid advertising into content marketing. 
  • 50% of companies outsource at least one content marketing activity.
  • 84% of companies who outsource content marketing spend primarily on content creation.
  • A documented strategy is often a key indicator of content marketing success.

“DJG’s Digital Content Marketing Services eStore is designed for organizations who need help getting task-based work done in order to move their strategic priorities, campaigns and planning ahead,” said Leigh Doyle, Vice President and Partner at DJG. “DJG’s new online catalog was designed to remove roadblocks that can bog down internal teams from getting things done.”

At launch, DJG’s Digital Content Marketing Services eStore includes:

Pricing fluctuates depending on the scope of the project, channels and competitors analyzed and allocation of resources. Discounts are also available to marketers who bundle packages. 

DJG’s Digital Content Marketing Services eStore will see more products and services added over time, and the company is accepting requests for specific services from marketers looking for custom solutions.

“As organizations adjust to a new way of working, we’ve seen many marketing leaders struggle to manage moving targets with competing priorities,” said Doyle. “The origin of DJG’s à la carte service offering was started well before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but we accelerated this announcement to provide a practical, solutions-based approach to near-term obstacles.”

DJG’s Digital Content Marketing Services eStore is available online today at