Audience behaviour patterns are morphing in real-time before our eyes

This pandemic is changing the social media pecking order, says Rhian Mason in this worthwhile read. Trends across each platform are emerging and disappearing at unprecedented speeds and it’s altering how brands need to communicate. Things…
DJG’s Digital Content Marketing Services eStore

DJG launches e-Store with a range of self-serve digital content marketing services

DJG's new digital content marketing eStore to provide B2B marketers and sales professionals with a range of services that are typically only available to enterprise organizations running large-scale campaigns.
Social media

The pandemic is changing the social media pecking order

Zoom fatigue. Boomers on Tik Tok. Instagram Live's comeback. Miley Cyrus' Bright Minded. Rhian Mason from Mango Communications unpacks how COVID-19 has changed the social media pecking order.

3 DJG-approved tips to make your Instagram production easier

We spend a lot of time on Instagram. It’s not exactly surprising — you and I are part of the 1 billion people who use the platform every month. And with the platform’s potential advertising reach of 849.3M users, you definitely…
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You don’t win friends by talking about yourself

Customers are not interested in a constant stream of content that’s trying to sell something.  They want value for their attention.  Social media and blog posts should educate the audience, help them save time, and provide…