LinkedIn can save you from butchering people’s names


We’ve all done it, and it sucks. Mispronouncing someone’s name when you’re on your first call with them is the quickest way to add ugh to a meeting.

Even worse if you already know them. 😬

So, can we pause and take a moment to applaud the developer or product marketer at LinkedIn who thought of this one?

LinkedIn has a feature that lets you teach people to pronounce your name correctly. Using your mobile device, you can click on your profile and upload an audio recording of how to say your name. Here’s a full tutorial on how to do it.

It’s also a one-on-one touchpoint with someone. So get creative with the opportunity to have someone hear your voice — say hello, something funny, or maybe provide a tip for reaching out along with the pronunciation of your name. It’s a great way to be memorable.

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