Why are so many companies not measuring internal comms efforts?


Email remains the overwhelmingly preferred way for reaching employees with internal company messages, according to a new report (…albeit one from a company that makes email products).

It ranked the preferred channels of communication like so:

  • 93% of internal communicators say email is the best channel for reaching employees
  • 83% lean on virtual and video meetings (let’s see how long this lasts without the secret sauce)
  • And 41% are still relying on the good ol’ corporate intranet

What surprised us most is that 34% of internal communicators are still not measuring the results of their comms efforts at all.

Ummm…. what?

With 70% of staff working remotely and one-third not measuring the efficacy of comms efforts, it leaves a lot of room for key messages to miss the mark.

If you are looking for tips on building employee engagement make sure you’re measuring open rates, clicks, dwell time and other engagement metrics.

As for what to talk about: Information on returning to the workplace is in the highest demand.

Remember: Be short and concise. Treat email like an executive summary and not a novel (thanks Tom). Consider breaking up lengthy videos into short 20-second highlights that direct people to more information.

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