You’ll want to change your marketing for WFH


The new office is your home office, as WFH culture looks as though it could be here to stay. Several companies have recently announced they will be implementing a work-from-home norm, or as Shopify calls it, “digital by default.”

And the data suggests it’s working, and preferred.

The U.S. the workforce has been 47% more productive, and the vast majority of people across multiple industries say they will work from home more often than they used to, or all the time when things are safe again.

What does that mean for your audience? It means a lot of historical data on when and how to engage them is now outdated. “Forget what you know,” says Jay Schwedelson, CEO of Worldata.

Here’s how you need to adapt your marketing:

  1. People are starting their days later. Email late morning or early afternoon. And don’t host a webinar in the morning.
  2. Your subject line should reference something to generate interest, but trying to create urgency won’t work.
  3. Surveys are on 🔥 if you offer to share info with your participants.
  4. Offer to “reserve a spot” instead of “register.” Your conversions will jump 14%.
  5. Don’t get worried about unsubscribes. People are spring cleaning.

Content Worth Your Time

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When you think of social media marketing, Amazon likely isn’t top-of-mind. But the release of Amazon’s new feed-based shopping experience could change that. Read more here.

Earlier this month, LinkedIn launched a virtual live event feature that gives members the ability to stream live video content directly to event attendees on the platform.

Live streaming isn’t new, and LinkedIn’s virtual live events feature looks and feels like a Facebook event page, but distribution to your professional network changes the game for B2B marketers.

Why it matters: Live video on LinkedIn drives 24x more comments and 7x more reactions per post than native video.

You can stream up to four separate broadcasts into one event and your audience simply has to click an attend button and they’ll be notified when you’re live. And when your event is over the video is archived on your company page.

Learn more about the LinkedIn Events here. If you want to use LinkedIn Live, you need to apply here.

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