Audience behaviour patterns are morphing in real-time before our eyes


This pandemic is changing the social media pecking order, says Rhian Mason in this worthwhile read. Trends across each platform are emerging and disappearing at unprecedented speeds and it’s altering how brands need to communicate.

Things move quickly. We all know that’s a thing. But what’s different now is your audience is developing new media habits and re-learning old ones while in self isolation. 

What you can do about it? Adapt your slow-moving traditional content channels fast. Now is not the time to be precious, so look to:

  1. Consider low-fi ways of communication 
  2. Be unpretentious
  3. Think about made-for-platform content VS posting the same old thing everywhere 
  4. Remember that being authentic and real is now expected as the norm

As Mason says, those who “adapt quickly to reinvent may have just found a brand-new audience that will continue to expect a reimagined version of iso-entertainment, even when normality returns.”

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Do I need to care?

President’s Choice Insider’s publication goes mainstream: In response to an explosion of searches for recipes and food inspiration during self-isolation, PC has made its digital food publication available to everyone instead of just Insider subscribers.

I can hear you saying: PC has a food publication? Apparently, yes. And guys, it’s slick.

Why we think this matters: For many brands, content is positioned as a value-add for paying clients (Amazon, amirite?). But right now, as we all spend more time online, the ways in which brands in some industries use high-quality, audience-first content might need to be re-prioritized. Instead of nurturing top-tier customers, content will be used to draw in new eyeballs and lead readers to a purchase, all while capturing valuable proprietary data on visitors.

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