Boomers go broadcast and why it matters for you


We’re all stuck at home these days. For those of us not whipping up artisanal breads it likely means spending more time with a screen. Which one, it turns out, depends on your age.

Global Web Index says Boomers and Gen X are both watching more broadcast TV. Meanwhile, millennials and Gen Z are shifting toward online TV/streaming and online videos.

This means there’s a competitive opportunity for those who move quickly to adjust to where their target audience is spending time.

For example, if your audience is full of Gen Xers, consider taking advantage of screen stacking — the habit of checking your social media while watching TV — with live Tweets about a popular TV show.

Your next step? Add more video to your current content mix. The one thing that’s consistent across generations: Audiences are turning to more video.

Content Worth Your Time

Curation is an undervalued skill

When done right, sharing curated content on your company’s — or your own — social media channels allows you to deliver value to your audience by:

  • Saving them time
  • Keeping them on top of industry trends and ideas.

We’ve got 5 tips and 3 tools to get you started on curating content for maximum impact. Read more.


Do I need to care?

YouTube launches DIY Video Builder tool: In-person video shoots are 10000% off the table right now. YouTube’s new tool is aimed at small businesses that need simple, low-cost videos with a quick turnaround time — creativity and technical know-how, be darned.

With COVID-19 leaving many small businesses strapped — and in need of simple tools to update their messaging and connect with customers — YouTube launched a beta version of this new service in mid-April.

Why we think this matters: Hubspot Research says more than 50% of consumers want to see video from brands — more than any other type of content.

Are you making the next Marvel blockbuster? Of course not. But using a tool like YouTube’s Video Builder to produce quality marketing video content 👏 can 👏 yield 👏 results.

The research found that including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by more than 80%. Just having the word ‘video’ in your email subject? That’ll increase open rates by 19%. Wanna know how many customers said video helps them make buying decisions? 90%! That’s like, how much of the world saw Avengers: Infinity War, right?

Resources are tight everywhere right now, but a free, easy-to-use tool that can help you better engage customers? That’s a Baby Yoda-level winner.

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