Making sense of Instagram’s video options


Want to feel old? Instagram turns 10 in a few weeks. In the world of social media, I’m pretty sure that’s like celebrating an 80th birthday.

And lots has changed. It started as a photo-sharing app, then grew and got smarter after being acquired by Facebook, IGTV was a kick-ass video addition, and of course it copied a bunch of features to kill off competitors (Snapchat is still a thing in case you were wondering).

2020’s biggest threat for the ‘gram has been TikTok so the company launched Reels in August (read: copied key features, because why not!?). For anyone keeping track, that means there’s now four different ways you can share videos on Instagram:

  1. Posts
  2. Stories
  3. IGTV
  4. Reels

If you’re unsure how and when to use each, you’re not alone. We’ve been getting questions about the differences between each — most notably between IGTV and Reels — so we thought we’d publish an explainer this week. And yes, we got our kids to fact-check us.

Here’s a breakdown:

Ready to get started? Here are a couple of handy how-to guides:

Still have questions? Contact us.

Shifting budgets — where are you putting your money?

How are you doing these days,, DJG subscriber? The last 6 months have been A LOT, to say the least.

We came across this chart on marketing mix change from

— it’s a kind of Rorschach test for marketers.

If you’re feeling optimistic about the future, you might be excited by the accelerated transition to digital and the opportunities that come with virtual events and webinars. If you’re having a down day, maybe you’ll focus on the decline in event and experiential spending. You know, the ones that involve meeting people in all three glorious dimensions.

This data is from May. So, roughly a decade ago in 2020 time. What’s likely to happen in Q4 and 2021? We’ve got our money on Account Based Marketing (ABM). Yes, we all have to look for ways to leverage digital channels, but the personalization that can come with well-structured ABM content will allow brands in the B2B space to stand out and drive ROI. 👌

Your take: Are you planning to prioritize or shift in Q4 and 2021? We’d love to hear from you.

👉  Let us know what you think.


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